Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Special senses

I'm not sure I will ever understand the special senses that mommies have. They are useful, but at times, I want to be able to pass the reigns of the mommy wagon to daddy. Those of you who know I do not have two-legged children may wonder what I know about mommy stuff. LOTS! I can see out of the back of my head, I know the sound of mischief and can generally identify the culprit and his/her "toy" without even seeing them.

Case in point. My husband and I are sitting on the sofa, and he's on the end nearest the Christmas tree with a squirt bottle of water in his possession. I hear running and scuffling, who wouldn't?, and realize the cats are playing under the tree. I interrupt hubby's TV viewing to inform him what's going on so he can take action. Rinse and repeat. Only the next time, the tree begins to topple! We rush over and rescue the tree and I jokingly tell him he's the worst mommy ever. I attempt to steal his seat on the sofa when he gets up, so I can be on tree patrol and in charge of the water bottle. He is vehemently opposed to a change in seating, and justifies his unwillingness to move by saying I require "too much stuff and a table and all." While this is true, it would have been easier to supervise feline frolickers had I been standing guard. Not to mention the most vital mommy sense, I know Sheldon's tricks. As I'm gazing over the end of the sofa, observing movement of the tree that I suspect may soon turn to mayhem, Rob tells me that Sheldon is just "sitting behind the tree being cute". Nope. He'll sit there long enough for you to quit paying attention and take full advantage of the opportunity to attack the tree!

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