Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bumbling Biker

Ya'll know I love the new 441 bypass. On the bypass, I pass by Walke Dairy road. No idea exactly what part of Walke Dairy road, but I'm sure I've been there and done that, pedaling a bike. I fail to recognize the junction as I'm sure by the time I've reached this area while biking, I'm singularly focused on making it up one more hill or incline, staring at my feet, grunting and cussing like a sailor.

One of my proudest biking moments occured on the I-16 overpass on Walke Dairy road. I have yet to master drinking water and riding a bike at the same time. For me, they're mutually exclusive sports. So, Rob and I had planned to stop on the overpass for a drink and a rest. Stopping I have no problem with, it's UNclipping from my clipLESS pedals, and getting my feet on the ground before gravity takes over that throws a kink in my plan. You read that right, the pedals you clip your feet into are called clipless pedals. We come to a stop on the overpass, I cannot unclip, and just like a slow-motion cartoon, I topple over......still clipped into my pedals. I've been known to do the same thing on Highway 80 in front of Golden Corral and on Country Club road. So, if you see a chick biking come to a stop and topple over, spare me the embarassement and look the other way!


  1. Why in the world would some evil person make something as awful as bike pedals that your feet are clipped to? I'd be lying on the ground with you . . .

  2. Actually, if you know how to use them, they make biking much easier! If that ever happens, I'll be sure to post my success story.