Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nashville Day 2

My second day in Nashville was eventful:)

I decide to go to the vegetarian restaurant. It’s a cute little place on the artsy side of town. Officially it’s the WILD Cow restaurant, but Rob insists on calling it the MAD Cow restaurant. He has a real problem getting some words and phrases correct. He has referred to our pets by the wrong gender since the beginning of time. Take Gabe, Gabriel, our SIX year old boy. Despite the obvious boy anatomy, Rob still refers to him as her. Same thing with Ava, sometimes she’s a she; other times she’s a he. Really?! Is it that hard? Boy, girl, get it right!

So, lunch at the Cow was vegetarian nachos with beans. I know I’m not from around here, but the Cow really, really needs some Vidalia onions. I failed to ask for the nachos without onions and have been attempting to rid my mouth of the taste of the strongest white onions I’ve ever tasted! Sneaky little buggers, it was impossible to dig every onion out. I figure if I brush every hour, on the hour, and use Listerine, the taste should be gone in about a month!

The Cow always has little magazines that I pick up and read. Yesterday it was the Nashville Paw, today Out and About. The first article to catch my attention in O&A is about one of the servers at the Cow who is doing a fundraising ride in California to raise money for an AIDS/HIV related cause. Interesting enough. I flip on through and notice a bank add with a male couple, cool a progressive magazine. Not progressive, it was a GLBT mag. Not a problem, but I’m just so goofy at times. Really, I could be a tad more observant!

After the Cow I decided to house hunt. Basically, I was just riding around neighborhoods that I like to see if there were any for sale or for rent signs out. I’m cruising along and pass a lady pushing a stroller. I was unimpressed until I Iooked in my rearview mirror and saw that she was pushing a stroller with a DOG in it! JOY! You know how women freak out over cute babies? I have that reaction when I see puppies and kittens! So, I turned around and went back and stopped (in the road) to talk to the lady. Eventually, I hopped out and abandoned my car to talk to the lady and her cute dog. She had just gotten the dog, Hannah, out of the stroller. When I commented that the dog in the stroller was too cute, she admitted she felt ridiculous. Turns out this was Hannah’s maiden voyage in the stroller. Interestingly enough, her owner’s name was Christie. No idea how she spells it, but I chose this spelling because it fits her. Back to the stroller, Hannah is 11 years old and has hip dysplasia thus the stroller. What an awesome owner! I should have taken a picture of Hannah, I’ve never seen a grown dog with feetsies that seem so big compared to their body. I described them to Rob as “like fluffy elephant feet”. After chatting for a minute, I carried on with the house hunt.

I’m zooming here and there and before I know it, I’m in the carpool line at St. Something School……oops. Not having a kid to pick up, I implemented my speedy U-Turn and pretended it never happened. I’m sensing a trend with Nashville and the U-Turn. If I’m going to have to employ this maneuver often, I’m going to need a car with a better turn radius. Maybe I could just drive around on a zero radius lawnmower. I’d accomplish 2 things at once…….easy get away AND grass cutting. I’ve been looking to earn a little extra income!

After I pick Rob up from work, we go to dinner. I’m not even paying attention to the diners outside ….UNTIL “boyfriend” shows up. I confess, what initially caught my attention was his physique, but I wouldn’t have noticed his bod if he hadn’t been wearing a WHITE tank top/undershirt. Not just a tank, the real deal……ribbed underwear shirt! So, he sits down with Snooki and her fam. Snooki’s mom is picking her teeth with the straw out of her drink. Ok, everyone is allowed a slip at times, but this woman picked her teeth for no less than 20 minutes, I should know….I was watching. Snooki’s daddy did not seem impressed. He pretended Boyfriend wasn’t even there. Third dude was sitting beside dad, not sure if he was Snooki’s brother but he and Daddy talked the whole time. Well, I watched throughout dinner as Boyfriend patted Snooki’s head and Snooki Mama took pics of Boyfriend and Snooki. I’m pretty sure she was gonna crop Snooki out…………

FYI, If you've never watched your fellow diners and imagined what they are saying and what their relationship is, you're missing a treat! My fave is the first daters whose conversations I can overhear. Rob swears I have bionic ears and at times like these they make life more interesting.

Well, that about sums up the day. I’ve survived another day in Nashville and Nashville has survived another day with me here! Stay tuned…..