Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love the bypass

How fun it is to be able to hop on a new road in the city I've always called home, and know that for at least part of the trip, I'll be lost. Technically, not lost. I've determined that the 441 bypass leads either to Wal Mart or to Milledgeville, depending on how long I want the journey to be. While this may seem strange to the directionally adept, you need to understand how Rob and I roll.

We headed out for Thanksgiving dinner to be held at the Brewer home on Snellbridge Road. By all estimates, this should have been a 20-15 minute trip. We left home at 5:50 to be there at 6:30. Our first mistake was turning on 319 rather than 80. Once we realized our error, we decided the two roads can't be THAT far apart! We'll just keep going until we run into Highway 80. Well, we pass the Johnson County line and soon come to a roadblock. JOY! The family has realized we're lost and they've sent the troops. Nope, just a roadblock. When the officer came over to check license and registration, I was laughing hysterically and holding the Garmin, henceforth known as Loser. He leaned in to look at me, probably trying to determine just how many toddies I've had. I manage to tell him that we are really lost and trying to get to Snellbridge Road. He asks, "Where ya'll from?". He probably assumed we would say Texas, Virginia, somewhere far away from middle Georgia. It was a proud moment when I announced, "Dublin". Yep, Dublin. A mere 25 miles away and we might as well be traversing the English countryside. So, he gave us directions. I couldn't locate a working ink pen, but heck, I'm good with directions so I'll just remember them. In the interest of brevity, I'll just give you snippets from the remainder of our trip.

Stepmom: Ok, Where are you?
Stepsister: Look for the cell tower and it's right past the Strut & Rut.
Dad: OK, I'm sitting by the road waiting on you.......was that you that just went by?

By the end of trip, Rob and I had started to refer to the cell tower as the "beacon of hope".

The general consensus, after we arrived at 6:50, was that the cell tower had definitely been moved.


  1. This is well done Happie!! Keep em coming!!!

  2. You are so funny!! I love the way you tell a story. I can totally relate to the part where you get on the wrong road and figure that eventually you'll run in to the right one. I do that a lot and it drives my daughter crazy. It happened recently and at first I pretended like I wasn't lost but after a while had to admit that I had no idea where we were. I personally like to drive around so I didn't mind but she was irritated! After many twists and turns through the country I eventually found something familiar and we made it to our destination.....very late! Also, I just love the picture of you and Rob. You both look so happy and have been through so much. You two are on my top 10 list of people that are perfect together and would really piss me off if anything ever happened to them! You are in good company on that list. Some of the others are Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, John Travolta and Kelly Preston (even though the Scientology thing freaks me out), Dr. Phil & Robin....etc.

  3. How could anyone not want to read a blog entitled "Happie Henderson". Keep up the good work! People love to read about people- and the fact that it is happy and funny is a big plus. Best wishes! (Naming Garmin "Loser" is totally accurate BTW!)

  4. Thank you, Donna! Allison, that is so incredibly sweet:) Rob is a prize! I can imagine that Crystal was not impressed with the "adventure". Carol, thank you for reading! I know you've had a lot going on , and I hope it did make you smile for a minute. I really did think that having something just for fun would be nice! And Garmin.......ugh! LOSER!